Liberty Pearl Photography: Brand Design, Brand Board, Mood Board, Brand Style Guide

Liberty Pearl Photography is an award-winning wedding photography business in England. Based in Devon but travelling far beyond, the talented photographer, Amber, captures love and happiness of wedding couples with exquisite skill.

The brief for developing this brand was bold, bright and colourful with emphasis on style and luxury with a unique twist to reflect Amber's unique style.

Mood Board

Mood Board for Liberty Pearl Photography. Inspiration board for the branding of wedding photography online business, bright exotic luxury colors, script and serif fonts and typography, feminine, pretty brand design, social media branding and printed materials and packaging. Branding for female entrepreneurs and small business owners from Wonderland Graphic Design.

Brand Board

Brand board for Liberty Pearl Photographu. Brand style guide including main logo, submark, stamp, watermark, branding elements, exotic luxury feminine color palette, script font and sans serif typography,  Branding, female entrepreneurs, girlbosses, workspace pretty desk, small business owners & bloggers. Wedding photographer inspiration.

Why You Need Professional Photos For Business (+ Why I Had Two Photoshoots in Six Months!)

When you go all-in on your business, it’s time to get professional shots done. It's not an investment for far off in the future. Not if you are really serious about pursuing a business. Why? Let me tell you...

Female entrepreneurs business advice, getting a professional photoshoot done for headshots is essential. More tips on: Branding, brand design, brand strategy, business tips, growing your following, social media marketing, email marketing for business owners and bloggers on Wonderland Graphic Design.

Imagine your target client landing on your website or social media. If there are either no photos, selfies or amateur snaps, your credibility is limited at best. 

You are sending out two key messages:

1) You are not professional, reliable and an expert at what you do.

And even more importantly...

2) You don’t believe you are an expert.

3) You don’t value your business and your services enough to invest.

In the online business world you need trust. There are no two ways about it, professional photos build trust.

So, what is holding you back? Is it fear of going all in?

Back in May of this year, 2016, I decided to have my first photoshoot in anticipation of my launch at the beginning of July.

Despite the fact money was tight and I had no income.

Despite the fact I wasn’t confident on camera.

Despite the fact I was incredibly overweight and self-conscious.

But I knew it was a necessary step if I wanted to achieve my dreams.

So, having discovered the lovely Hannah of Hannah McClune Photography, I took the leap and had an entire day with her and her camera.

The results were amazing. The amount of compliments I have had, and essentially the amount much business I have received as a result of increasing my credibility in that way is phenomenal. Why? Because I took the step and made the investment to look the expert I know I am.

So, why six months later did I decide to have another one? Surely one would suffice?

Yes and no.

I’m still a graphic designer and entrepreneur who works behind a computer screen. Nothing dramatic has changed in my brand aesthetics that warranted a new shoot.  Not enough has changed in me physically to need an entire new set of photos.

No. What has changed is inside.

I am in a different place to where I was six months ago, and I’m not just talking about business success.


What has changed is my mindset, my attitude, my self-esteem and my clarity. I have a confidence, joy, light and direction inside which needed to shine through.

In my first set of pictures, what I noticed was a lack of a big smile. I was nervous, unsure and full of fear.

And that is not an image I want to portray to my audience any longer.

I want to show how the confident entrepreneur and person inside.

To those reading this, you are discovering a different woman to the one I was in May.

So, hello. My name is Sarah. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Come chat with me and others in the Wonderland Group!

December 2016 Review: How I Set My Business Soaring (+ Get Your Free Year Review Workbook!)

December is a time for festivities, yes, but it is not a time to take your foot off the accelerator in business. It’s most definitely a time we reflect on our year and set those goals for what we are going to achieve in 2017.

That’s what I’ve done, and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. Here I'm sharing more of my 2016 story and the secrets behind my success.

How I achieved success in my business in 2016 as a female entrepreneur, business owner, woman in business. Set goals, grew my social media followers, social media marketing, built an email list, blogging advice, business tips, business advice, small biz, mindset, built confidence, pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter, grew visibility. 

Following the advice of a mentor, just before I launched my business in July, I chose a word for the rest of 2016.

I didn’t deliberate on it. The word that came to mind first was “boost”.

And that’s exactly what I did; I boosted my business. 

Five months ago, on 1st July 2016, I had very little to go by. I had just launched a website and blog, had a couple of hundred followers, but not real followers on social media (by that I mean people who weren’t genuinely interested in my work or content). I had no confidence, no email list, no network, just 13 daily pin views on Pinterest, no clients and NO INCOME.

My situation is vastly different today.

I have a community of my own.

I have a successful blog that consistently gets readers.

I have genuine followers on social media: Instagram has increased by 1000%.

I am confident enough to do live video, webinars and public speaking.

I have 1500 subscribers.

I have a vast, helpful and amazing network around me.

I have over 15,000 pin views a day

Most importantly…

I have been booked out now for three months and I’m starting to earn in the thousands every month.

Say what?!

I have certainly boosted my business!

How? I can give you technical ways I did it, as lay out in my Business Magic masterclass series, but there are the things that have underpinned every strategy for me.

I did the ground work. Starting an online business is a slow burn. You certainly can’t expect people just to suddenly see you, know you and buy from you.

It means laying foundations; blogging, sharing on social media with valuable content and not just my services. 

It means making contacts and networking.

It means making and cultivating relationships.

It means telling my story.

It means being authentic.

It means being open to learning.

It means taking a leap of faith and leaving my comfort zone.

I had to invest in my business and myself, even when logic told me I couldn’t afford it. I had faith it would pay off, and the results are showing.

Half measures don’t bring success.

And when all this seemed to bring nothing? When it still sometimes doesn’t bring the results I want?

I keep doing the work.

I keep putting out content, sharing, talking.

As a mentor advised me, I am making my voice heard. After all, if I give up, no one can hear me then.

There is so much I have learnt this year, both from positive and negative experiences. Reflection has given me focus to move forward.

Ready for your free 2016 year review workbook?

Business Competition: How To Cope With Fear Of A Saturated Market

Fear in a saturated market is common. Comparison, competition, mindset as a female entrepreneur, building confidence, empowered business woman, business owner, blogger, low self-esteem, online shop owner, marketing advice, business help, business tips, mindset advice. Biz owners.

Seeing just how many other people do what you do or sell what you sell can be terribly depressing… if you let it.

Don’t get me wrong, it happened a lot to me (and I can still have my moments).

The moment when you see what seems like a million people posting the same services or similar goods to you.

How about the moment you see “competitors” getting sales left, right and centre… while you’re struggling to just get your next one?

Or the moment you find yourself comparing your work and coming up short?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “well, I might as well give up now!”, or “they’re all so much better than me!”.


If you are having a problem making sales or getting seen, I guarantee this is because of a disconnect within your business and NOT because of your so-called "competition".

I have learnt from wonderful coaches that an abundance mindset is key to success. In other words, there is plenty of work for everyone.

There is NO competition.

You just need the strategy and belief to achieve the success you seek.

Yes, there may be hundreds, or even thousands, of other people who sell the kind of thing that you sell.

But not a single one of them is you.

Not a single one of them has your story.

You are unique, with a unique message.

THAT is what people are buying: they buy your why, not your what.

My clients choose me because they identify with me and the content I put out there.

Other people might choose someone else because they identify more with them, and that’s totally fine.

This is why it’s so important to post more than your services.

Open up, share, and tell people WHY they should buy from you.

Stop looking at others, focus inwards and do YOUR thing.

Have you ever considered what makes you connect with some bloggers and business owners, and not others? Do you identify with me? Why? Let me know in the comments!