3 of the Best Ways to Get Your Brand Out There (+ Why They Work!)

Take a moment to Google “how to get your brand out there” and you’ll find one key theme missing from the results - collaboration. In business, there’s so much emphasis put on competition and creation, with a dash of curation, yet the fundamental aspect of collaboration is often overlooked. Adding it into your strategy not only creates opportunities for you to reach a new audience, but it helps you to establish key relationships with people who get it. So, I’ve rounded up the best ways to get your brand out there through collaboration, just for you! You’ll discover: what they are, how they work, why they work plus some bonus resources and ideas to make your collaborations a success…

Get your brand and business out to your audience with webinars, instagram takeovers and guest blogging. How collaborating with industry influencers and other female entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, creatives and professionals can help grow your following, grow your email list, increase engagement, boost your sales and book more clients through social media, live video collaborations, guest post submissions and more!




What are they?

Live video workshops, usually held by 2 people (who can each be anywhere in the world) who have together created an educational presentation that they will talk viewers through with additional information than is just on the slides. The presentation usually has one key learning outcome that is broken down into steps. This is often then followed by an exclusive, relevant offer to purchase products/services as a bundle from both parties, leading into a Q&A from the audience. As each person talks, the screen switches to show them, except when the presentation screen is being shared.

How do they work?

  • Pitch the idea, discuss the workings and sign a contract
  • Social media and email marketing promotion of the webinar begins

  • Interested viewers sign up for access to the live webinar - they receive a link to the page via email: the page usually has social media share buttons, a chat box and a ‘buy now’ button

  • Audio/visual check >> introductions >> screenshare the presentation

  • After the webinar, an email is sent out to registered viewers with a replay link (usually lasts for 24 hours) and a reminder of the offer with a link to purchase

Why do they work?

Both parties not only get to be in front of the others’ audience (which has shared needs/wants with their own) but they get to add value and demonstrate expertise -- the best way to gaining trust and expanding your audience. Doing this in real-time is even more beneficial as viewers get to know your personality and that you’re able to answer their questions when on the spot. The workshops are then able to be sold after the replay expires to create passive income!





What are they?

You publish content on the Instagram account of a relevant brand/business owner/blogger as both Instagram Stories and Instagram posts. You get a chance to introduce yourself, share your personality and interests, plus perhaps take the audience behind the scenes of something interesting you’re up to.


How do they work?

  • Pitch the idea, discuss the workings and sign a contract

  • You log in to their account and publish content across 24 hours

  • Both parties promote it on their social media channels

Why do they work?

It adds to the account but from a new perspective. Followers get introduced to a new person who they might not have come across because of the Instagram algorithm, plus they get to know you more personally than when you’re writing a guest post or hosting a joint-venture webinar -- they choose to follow you if you suit their preferences, therefore you grow followers of those who are genuinely interested and will likely become friends/fans/clients/customers.





What are they?

Writing a post on someone else’s blog that provides value and demonstrates your knowledge whilst meeting the needs of their audience. Mostly non-promotional, except for a byline at the end and perhaps one additional link back to one of your blog posts within the body.

How do they work?

  • Pitch the idea, discuss the workings and sign a contract

  • You write the post and submit it by the deadline (usually written in Google Docs to allow for collaboration & proofreading before it goes live)

  • The blog author schedules the post and promotes it like it’s their own, including your social media handles - you also promote it

Why do they work?

The audience are already readers of the blog and it requires no extra effort from them to sign up or block out more time of their day (like they do for a webinar). They trust the author of the blog to only have people on to guest post who are relevant and knowledgeable, so they’re more open to you from the start. You’re there to benefit the reader and may even have a free content upgrade (like a mini email course or PDF download) for them - whilst this means you’re growing your email list, they’re also getting something for free that’s useful to them.

5 Bonus Ways To Get Your Brand Out There Through Collaboration

  • Volunteer to host an existing Twitter chat

  • Submit quotes and testimonials

  • Put in a request to be a podcast guest

  • Team up on a YouTube video if you’re local

  • Run a joint-giveaway

Collaborations can be fun, refreshing and mutually beneficial when done right -- do them regularly (maybe even more than just publishing to your own channels) and you’ll get your brand out there in no time!

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Get your brand and business out to your audience with webinars, instagram takeovers and guest blogging. How collaborating with industry influencers and other female entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, creatives and professionals can help grow your following, grow your email list, increase engagement, boost your sales and book more clients through social media, live video collaborations, guest post submissions and more!

How To Keep Your Client Process On Brand And Delight At The Same Time

When it comes to our client process, we either have it completely in order or we admittedly wing it a little. Not only will having a streamlined client process free up your time and energy, but it will actually delight people from the moment they reach out to you, right until the end of working with you, and even beyond! It means you won’t ever send a bad email because you’re having an ‘off day’ or you won’t miss a step and have the client questioning whether you actually have it all together… So how about I share with you two things you can do right now to create an effective client process that also wows and is on-brand?!

Smooth the process between client and business owner. Keep on brand with quotes, contracts, emails, project management, invoices etc. Branding, business advice, brand culture, brand identity, female entrepreneur, social media tips, email marketing, growing a following, subscribers, blogging, blogger, creative, shop owner, wedding professional. Wonderland Graphic Design.

1. Create a script database of emails that you can copy, paste and edit: Hey, this doesn’t mean you’re losing the human touch! In fact, it’s the opposite -- saving these templates will have you sending emails that are truly caring, empathetic, nurturing, full of correct and necessary information, good spelling/grammar/punctuation and are personalised.

Each carefully crafted email will reflect your brand tone, take the same format (who doesn’t like consistency?!), include your branded signature and demonstrate the professionalism and personality that your brand is about. Defining what your brand culture is beforehand will ensure that your script database stays true to your values.

Firstly, look at the emails you’ve sent to a previous client -- can you use these to create the basis for your email workflow?  

Which emails do you find yourself repeatedly sending?

Can you now place these into a logical order?

You may want to write a breakdown of all of the emails you send, would like to send and also the ones that you’ll use for various scenarios like turning down work, breaking up with clients, how you’ll deal with enquiries for free work etc. Whilst this all seems like a lot of effort now, it will save you a huge amount of time in the future!

Once you’ve written these (and proofread!), head to your Gmail settings >> Labs >> Canned Responses >> Enable. When you click ‘Compose Message’, in the bottom right-hand corner, click the down arrow icon then select Canned Responses >> New Canned Response. Here you’ll be able to save each of your email templates ready for the next time you need to send them!

Having this in place allows you to keep your client conversation to the minimum it needs to be… nobody likes to be in their inbox 24/7! Both you and the client will receive the information needed to kick off and maintain a great working relationship, plus you’ll never forget to include their name and a little reminder asking if there’s anything else you can do to help.

The little touches that keep your emails personable are really key -- look back at the culture you defined for your brand earlier and ask yourself if each email is demonstrating that.

For more on this, you might like to read Erika’s post: The “Secret” Trick to Giving Consistent Customer Service as an Online Business Owner”

2. Sign up for a business management tool like 17Hats: An app like this allows you to manage every part of your client process in all one place - your to-do list, your calendar, your contacts, your quotes, your invoices, your agreements, your projects, your leads, your emails and so much more! It also offers the ability to track the time you spend on a project, set up workflows so your process is automated, save all of the templates you created above, do your bookkeeping, store documents, record phone logs, add related contacts, set budgets and so on. Your clients can accept a quote, sign a contract and pay an invoice all from within 17Hats.

Having everything in 17Hats (or a tool like it) will transform your business -- it boosts client confidence by not having to manage multiple tools to complete their actions, plus you always know where you’re at, allowing you to deliver an exceptional experience from acquisition to retention. There are lots of features that allow you to stay on-brand both in identity and tone… customise your invoice appearance, add your email signature, upload your logo and choose a branded promo/referral code!

Putting in the time now to get this set-up is such a worthwhile investment for your client process. You’ll soon be getting comments like “the process was fab, super easy and very speedy”, “I love your thorough approach” and “thank you for such an organised and wonderfully presented email”!

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Three Reasons Why Building Confidence Gets You More Clients (+ Free Confidence-Building List!)

Get more clients and more sales by building your confidence as a female entrepreneur, blogger, creative and business owner. Learn to be authentic, build your self-belief, stop feeling like a fraud and imposter syndrome. Get more confident and positive in yourself & your business strategy, social media marketing strategy and selling. Business help, business advice, business resources. Free checklist.

A year ago, and even six months ago when I started my business, I was in a very different place. I walked with my head down, constantly put myself down with negative self-talk, I couldn’t consider video calls and I stayed hidden behind my screen.

As a result, I had no direction, no self-belief, no clients and no income.

Today I hold my head up high and smile. I catch my negative talk and reframe it, I do client calls often, live video, and I have done public speaking.

The difference in my business (and life) is incredible. I am booked out months in advance, I am starting to earn in the thousands every month, I have goals and a plan, and I believe in myself and my ability to achieve and succeed.

I know you have the same potential. You just need to let it grow.

"Why do I need to build my confidence to get clients?"

1. The Law of Attraction

A lack of self-belief equates to a lack of clients’ belief in you. If you are putting out there a negative, doubting vibe, how can you expect potential clients to have the necessary faith they need to have in you in order to buy? You need to show your positivity and confidence to your audience if you want them to trust and want to work with you. Your confidence convinces them.

2. Authenticity

You need to be confident enough to be authentic and let your audience in. You need to be open, honest and vulnerable because people connect with you as the person behind the business. Being authentic builds a relationship with your potential clients and readers, which means they begin to trust you. And the more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy.

3. Asking For The Sale.

You know you can solve your clients’ problems, right? (The answer is yes, for all of you!). Well, you need to show your potential clients that! Asking for the sale is having the courage to demonstrate how you can solve their pain points. In order to do that, you need to truly believe you CAN.

Want my secrets to how I did it?

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The Best Investments I Made in 2016 As An Entrepreneur (+ Your Free 2017 Goal Setting Workbook!)

Making investments is a scary, difficult and uncomfortable thing. It is also a necessary, exciting and door-opening opportunity! These are just some of the best investments I made this year that have had incredible results for me.

Photoshoots, business coaching, mindset work, business help, business tips, business resources, female entrepreneur, business owner, creatives and bloggers. Virtual assistance, social media marketing tips, visibility, business growth, branding.


Before I launched in June, I knew I needed professional photos. Not only do they help make my website and social media look beautiful, they also make me look like the professional that I am. They show both my audience and ME that I believe in myself enough to invest. Read more here!


My photographer, Hannah McClune, introduced me to Charlie Kingsland-Barrow, an amazing business and mindset coach (she also does many other things, but it is in this capacity that I came to her!). Chances to work with her closely can be rare, so when I had the opportunity to spend a day in the Cotswolds meeting her to learn about strategy, I couldn’t turn it down!

That day I learnt important lessons about both business and myself. I learnt where my passion lies, why I do what I do and what was blocking my way.

I also worked with Vanessa Matthews for three months in which we tackled my mindset issues in much greater detail, and I smashed the blocks that were holding me back.


I found Chichi Eruchalu through Charlie’s programme that sadly no longer runs. A killer business coach and visibility mastermind, I wanted to work with her and when her Visibility Vortex programme with twelve exclusive places opened, I found the money because I knew where it could take my business!

Technology and Workspace

When I launched I was working from a laptop on a makeshift workspace. In August I couldn’t take that any longer and invested in a brand new computer, big monitor and an awesome desk. I’m a professional and need the space to prove it!

Social Media Help

Pinterest was something I knew could be transformative, but I didn’t really know how to bring it to life. I could have trawled the net for free blog posts, but I knew I needed 1:1 help to do it most effectively. Enter Zoe Linda! This social media wiz set up my Pinterest which I then built upon. Such great teamwork has reaped amazing results- from 13 daily pin views to 17,000 in just six months! She will also be a guest expert in Women in Wonderland early in 2017 talking about another social platform, Instagram.

Virtual Assistance

In the words of one of my coaches, “if it’s not making you money, give it to someone else to do”. I agreed in principle but found it hard to carry out with limited funds. However, I did find the money and now I have the amazing Lupita Santana on my team to make sure 2017 is a smooth and super successful year!

What are your plans for 2017? Set out your goals in my free workbook!