I help brands look amazing, so that you can feel amazing in your business.

You are a female entrepreneur leading a business that doesn’t feel like work, but feels like joy. You got into business because of your big heart and you’re working hard to realise your dreams and make money at the same time.


In life, you’ve overcome so much and you bring that story into everything to do. Because of it, you’ve got a determination to succeed and a desire to help as many people as you can.

And when you’re not busy working on your business, you’re learning how to dig deeper, be better and rest more.

In business and in life, you are truly a woman coming into your own.

But, you feel like your brand doesn’t match the power of who you are and the story that you bring. You’re caught between templates, one-off projects with random designers and things that you’ve tried to do it on your own. You look at it and wonder how to make it look amazing, cohesive and true to you.

You know that the work you do is incredible. Your clients rave about your work. You feel so good when you step into your day. But, your brand feels like it no longer reflects you or gives justice to your story.


Hi, my name is Sarah! I am a branding specialist, and I make your business look amazing, so you can feel amazing within it, and within yourself as an entrepreneur. I help you visually express your values and your story so that you can stand out online, like you do with your work.

Together, let’s create a brand that truly reflects your heart, your story and your experience.

Let's make you feel empowered and energised every single time you hand over that gorgeous business card or direct clients to your beautiful social media and website.


My passion for telling your story started in the owning of mine.

I spent my twenties recovering from alcoholism, anorexia, binge eating and self-harm. I dove deep into healing and as I did, I fell in love with graphic design. The creating of visual stories led me out of darkness and into life.

And that sparked not only a fire in me for my dreams, but also a deep connection with people. I have found that the more I have been able to own and share my story in my business, the more able I am to do my best work with the people I can best serve. And that is exactly what you can have, too.

I know how amazing I feel when I've had my hair, my makeup and my nails done. I hold my head a little higher, and I feel like a million dollars. It's not all about appearance, but it is about the freedom I feel to bring the best version of myself to the world.

Let’s make your brand and online presence look amazing, so you can feel great in your business and be free to confidently show up online and in the world, too.